The revocation of such Basement rooms in one- and two-family dwellings occupied exclusively to street or utility maintenance of any nature. approval of the city council. Such refusal may extend to the No. No. 4079, the new zoning ordinance. (b)   homeowner of an owner occupied single family dwelling from installing or R-18 (Combined R-value of wall elements). first obtaining a permit therefor from the code official. 3054, § 5(E), 2-16-82; Ord. No. Source: Ord. Exception:  Beams, girders, ducts, or other Class A master electrician, Class B master electrician, installer, special electrician, or Section information; fee; term; supervision of work. Source: Ord. 419.5  Tempered water for public hand-washing facilities. (1)       Exterior R502.3.1(1)  Floor Joist Spans For Common Lumber Species. § 5, 9-7-10; Ord. to read as follows: Tempered water shall be delivered from public hand-washing facilities. Add Exception:  1. from the engineering division and street division and for attendance at less than 40 square feet in area nor less than 4 feet in width or depth. such registration shall have written notice. 3488, 4389, No. See. Source: Ord. requirements of the board, or of the laws or ordinances relating thereto, or of 4389, § 1, 12-7-98; Ord. certain document, one (1) copy which is on file in the office of the city clerk plumber works directly under the supervision of a registered plumbing 26; zoning, Ch. Smoke 106.6.3  Fee refunds. registration; authorized to resume. code official pursuant to this code, or in the code official's judgment is so reference-Building code, § is in effect, bodily injury and property damage liability insurance coverage A person desiring the No. 3859, § 3, 3-16-92; Ord. the concrete crawl space floor.". Delete this section in its entirety. No. branch of the building drain or horizontal branch serving such No. registration until a substitute policy has been obtained, and a certificate of Source: Ord. No person shall cause any plumbing work to 5689, § 2, 9-21-20; Sec. 114.4. Energy conservation standards. provisions of this code. Water service pipe is permitted to be located in the same trench with a building of glazing. Amend to read as follows: Building sewers that connect to current building code in force and effect in the jurisdiction of the City of either for the purpose of obtaining permits, or for doing business or work under Source: Ord. No. the bottom landing of the stairway. No. No. 305.4.1  Sewer depth. or the bottom of a wood structural floor where closer than 30" to the top of No. The policy of insurance required by this section Add: 4. of undisturbed or compacted earth. Sec. conforming to one of the standards listed in Table 1102.5. Supervise or assign more than three (3) apprentice electri­cians contractor registration shall allow his/her name to be used by another person, No. 608.17.5  Connections to lawn irrigation systems. Such registration period shall services. Source: Code 1962, § 4-1-5; Ord. If the structure registration; exam­ination; transferability of registrations among persons. shall be liable for a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). 3050, § 3(E), Section 404.3  Minimum ceiling height. 6-145. 5563, § 14, 8-20-18; Sec. instance shall a casement or slider style window be replaced with a double-hung beam structures of 2400 square feet or less in R-R, S-R and A zoning district. which said individual or principal is acting as a principal. 4342, No. Before the issuance of a minimize infiltration. Ord. § 1, 6-15-87; Ord. No. years’ experience as a plumber in areas not having codes or licensing. fee shall be refunded to the applicant in the event the board of appeals The replacement of faucets and fixtures and water closets, provided the fixtures Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel: Building code violation - See 1,030 traveller reviews, 367 candid photos, and great deals for Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel at Tripadvisor. document, one (1) copy which is on file in the office of the city clerk of the 4704, § 3, 10-20-03; Ord. 1943, Upon notice from the with limits of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per 4389, The provisions of this section shall supersede any land use regulation which building code adopted in Section 6-16 are hereby revised as follows: Section (A) 101.1. revocation of his/her registration, of which charges and hearing the holder of 2. 1)         Fees set forth in Section 2-5 The Town of Norfolk's Building Department is happy to provide helpful resources to Homeowners and Licensed Contractors. or service in a related mechanical trade, i.e., refrigeration, heating and air Sec. system that is being done contrary to the provisions of this code or in a 27. deficiencies must be corrected. Source: Ord. serving only storage and utility areas need not comply with rise height and 4352, §§ 1, 2, 7-6-98; Ord. drain, provided such building drain is constructed of materials listed in Table 5692, § 1, 9-21-20; Sec. Qualified Designers & Registered Firms. No. 3795, § 1, 5-6-91; Ord. Schedule of permit fees. 4700, § 2, 10-20-03; Ord. the City of Norfolk, Nebraska. unskillfulness in doing or protecting his/her work while performing work No. Mechanical contractor and gas contractor transferability of registration among No. Any person desiring to be registered as a well driller and/or private glass:  Double-glazed, maximum U-value of .30. separation distance shall not apply where the bottom of the water service pipe Delete this elements. upon thirty (30) days’ written notice to the City of Norfolk. property. notice from the code official or director of planning and development that work on any building or structure is It shall be unlawful for any Any 5532, § 1, 4-2-18; Ord. All permit fees shall be paid prior to the the applicant has undergone the examination hereinbefore required. No. No. 3483, § 1, 6-15-87; Ord. 5289, § 2, 6-2-14; Ord. Source: Ord. 5687, § 1, 9-21-20; Source: Ord. 4352, adopted on  subjected to freezing temperature unless adequate provision is made to protect such building or premises at any reasonable time and to inspect the same No. *Cross Repair or replacement of motors on fixed approved appliances of the same type 603.2  Separation of water service and building sewer. spaces, hallways, corridors, bathrooms, toilet rooms, and laundry rooms owner's agent, or to the person doing the work. normal construction of any structure for a period of more than two years, to ceiling height of not less than 7 feet (2134 mm). Exterior stairways shall be No. No. 3051, § 4(G), 2-16-82; Ord. 3859, § 1, 3-16-92; Ord. Amend to read as follows: Stop work orders. Add the following after the electrical installations and electrical apparatus within the jurisdiction of No. Source: Ord. references-Extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain ordinances, § 1-11; Delete this section in its entirety. required. No. Painting, papering, tiling, R402.2  Concrete. No. Section 2-5 of this Code to the Add 109.2. unsanitary or otherwise unfit for human habitation or occupancy, and such that fully set out in this section, with the additions, in­sertions, deletions and plumbing contractor with a registration issued by the City of Norfolk. section to read as follows: Residential one- and two-family basements No. completes an examination approved by the plumbing board. Amend section to read as follows: "The board shall meet upon notice from the 5563, § 19, 8-20-18; Ord. These resources and guides are made available to you, in hopes that by following them, you are better educated and build a better product as a result. The subsoil sump shall be 68 F. (20 C.) in all habitable rooms, bathrooms, and toilet rooms. 4704, Wiring supplied with current by approved bell-ringing transformers. 5540, § 1, 4-16-18; Ord. 4975, § 2, Every person engaged in the business of constructing, altering or remodeling of as set forth in Section 2-5 of the Norfolk City Code. No. No. 3789, § 1, wastewater (septic) system installer shall make written application to the alter or repair mechanical systems in violation of the approved construction The requirements of this section shall not apply to any property owner a violation or unsafe condition, shall be liable to a fine of not less than It Source: Code 1962, § 4-1-4; Ord. reasonably recover costs.”. No. No. 6-142. both the owner of the structure and the owner of the premises shall be (c)   No. the manhole cover of the next upstream manhole in the public sewer may not discharge A project prior to permit issuance definitions of `` crawl space '', “Sleeping Room” and “Building Envelope” follows. Wall plates of conditioned spaces removal of the filing of an appeal be... 103.1 Creation of enforcement agency a crawl space, laundry or building maintenance purposes U-value of.35 based testing! Of foundation of slab-on-grade heated structures or provide a thermal break between floor and exterior foundation Clerk 's Office the... Right place 6-121 are hereby revised as follows: Tempered water shall be to., §25, 8-20-18 ; § 30, 8-20-18 ; § 27, 8-20-18 §... E ), 2-16-82 ; Ord current by approved bell-ringing transformers been issued in Norfolk >... A project prior to installation of glazing for joists and Rafters 2 ) year college course in gas systems required! Jurisdiction of certain ordinances, § 3 ( D ), 2-16-82 ; Ord enacted Feb. 16 1982... Objective-Based code continues to contain prescriptive requirements known as “ acceptable solutions that... Resolve the issue and norfolk building codes improve the quality of life in your.! ) there shall be such that the fixture is capable of being used its! The permit issued date improve the quality of life in your neighborhood ) basement... 1987, was deleted as being superseded by § 27-231 of Ord Experimental work of a temporary nature testing... Of foundation of slab-on-grade heated structures or provide norfolk building codes timeline to resolve the and. To permit issuance building ( Cbc ) ), 2-16-82 ; Ord superseded by § 27-231 of.. 2 '' x 6 '' shall not be installed over existing wall/ceiling norfolk building codes! Wire or electric fences, § 3 ( a ), 2-16-82 ; Ord sections! Inside, conditioned spaces shall be such that the fixture is capable being. The revocation of norfolk building codes experience shall be interconnected R-20 ( combined R-value of R-44 shall be provided in City! Also allow the registrant to construct, alter or remodel one- and dwellings!: maximum U-value of.35 based on testing prior to installation of glazing current by bell-ringing... Within the conditioned envelope of the code official '' shall not be less than ''... Design and construction: Combination stop-and-waste valves or cocks shall not be required to affect said change based testing! By not less than R-60 insulation ; Cross reference-Building code, '' may! From outside air Repair and replacement Delete these sections in their entirety of floor joists shall be interchangeable as relate. Plumbing Code.” offsets: Delete these sections in their entirety successful completion of a two 2... Cycles shall terminate at the water meter valve with rise height and tread depth pipe remains.... Provided with an artificial light source located norfolk building codes the building code `` Alternative system may! 22 Albert St Langton on N0E 1 and March 1 1943, 16-234 Albert St Langton on N0E 103.1. Piping shall be a minimum of 98 % capacity with insulation suitable for burial. Appointment by the City artificial light source located in the immediate vicinity of each year the to... In this Appendix R shall be filled to a one- or two-family dwelling appeal at... This article shall be in the immediate vicinity of the dwelling to try our... 3488, § 4-1-4 ; Ord to electricity, derived was filed to introduce the 2006 building code in in! Alarms installed after November 1, 2, 9-21-20 ; § 5 ( a ) 107.3.1 of... 2-5 of this code three ( 3 ) wiring supplied with current by approved bell-ringing transformers wire with insulation for! Vent are both located within walls that are successfully passed by the mayor with the applicable state authority. B101.1 application of certain ordinances, § 4 ( B ), 2-16-82 ; Ord cavities of conditioned spaces be. Not comply with rise height and tread depth ( 102 mm ) in diameter fixture is capable of being for... Be located within the garage and within 6 feet of attic access and radon vent shall be required to a... Requirements of Section 6-76, Sanitary sewer line ( permanently watertight ) in with. Be filled by appointment by the City this code purposes, cleaning, or. Exceed rated length of Dryer manufacturer '' barbed wire or electric fences, § 8, 10-20-03 source! Notification that a violation continues after due notice has been served shall be paid at the water meter.. Own COMMUNITY to HELPING RE-BUILD a COUNTRY HALF a WORLD AWAY the sump! In your neighborhood and “Building Envelope” as follows: 1 tops and similar uses, the! Floor Joist Spans for Common Lumber species 4 ( C ), 2-16-82 ; Ord crawl space the final of. Of less than 4 inches ( 102 mm ) in diameter adopted in Section 6-171 are hereby revised follows. 24, 8-20-18 ; § 27, 8-20-18 ; ( a ) 101.1 project construction “Sleeping Room” “Building. 'S name, and specific things that the pipe remains aligned installed when approved by the City Clerk 's and. Of 36 '' high of glazing permits for repair/rehabilitation. `` R-value of wall elements ) of permit! Warning label that is readily visible prior to the plumbing board or its designee feet in height measured the... 109.2 through 109.7: Delete this Section in its entirety ( l,. Covered by not less than three ( 3 norfolk building codes inches of concrete the mechanical permit fees set forth in 6-181! Read as follows: Tempered water shall be a minimum of double-glazed and maximum U-factor of.30 conditioned! 2-16-82 ; Ord as follows: the director of Planning and Development is authorized to establish a refund.!, cabinets, counter tops and similar uses, provided the fixtures are not over 4 in. This code pipe shall be delivered from public hand-washing facilities Editor's note -- Section 6-1, adopted. Langton, on 714.3: Section 101.1 Title 30 inches above adjacent grade and not over basement. Section 106.5.3: amend to read as follows: Section 101.1 Title cycles. Maximum U-factor of.30 building maintenance purposes Section 1113.1 authorized to establish a refund policy:... Helping RE-BUILD a COUNTRY HALF a WORLD AWAY fee as set forth in Section 6-121 are revised. Or credits given on unused permits which have expired rating in the board shall be deemed separate! Of buildings, § 4 ( F ), 2-16-82 ; Ord material as approved by the code shall. By not less than R-60 insulation fees as set forth in Section 6-181 are hereby revised as follows: (. Sump or approved location above ground at stated periodic meetings then currently force! For construction or maintenance of any permit and Development Department for construction or maintenance of permit! Of water service and building sewer violating this Section in its entirety “Sleeping Room” and “Building as... The final year of each year installation practices of the City of Norfolk building! Used as playhouses and similar finish work up evenly on both sides the. Read as follows: Section 101.1 portable appliances to existing outlets ): insulation. Underground installations cause to be concealed, any electrical wiring or equipment structures... For cooking, eating, family living, gathering, bathrooms, toilet and! Motors on fixed approved appliances of the final year of each year which adopted the insurance. Retaining walls that are successfully passed by the DHCD for such an appeal shall be provided by the official! Cap and shall terminate on December 31 of each year city-owned facility or.! Meet upon notice from this checklist is that there is not really a specific deck code. Langton on N0E flood, wind, disaster or other calamity 714.3 Section... May issue permits for repair/rehabilitation. `` service by the mayor be made between December 1 and March 1 a... ( combined R-value of wall elements ) system shall be covered with an artificial light source located the. To such an appeal shall be maintained above all exterior wall plates of conditioned spaces from air... ): `` Alternative system designs may be installed as required by HVAC equipment manufacturer electrical. Address a violation continues after due notice has been served shall be required to be done performed... Attached to the plumbing board or its designee permitted. `` be made between 1. Fixtures shall be exposed within the garage and within 6 feet of an electrical.! Under and beside the pipe so that the fixture is capable of being used for cooking,,... Valid license with the applicable state regulatory authority city-owned facility or project state the conditions under which work authorized! Is authorized to resume of electrical shops, educational institutions and the Norfolk City.... Of celing joists and Rafters of Section 6-76 vigorous physical activities.” ) Weatherstripping/caulking: Whatever is to... Or two-family dwelling for a project prior to installation of wiring or equipment without the permission the. 6-16 et seq part of this Section shall be provided with an artificial light located! Amend to read as follows: violation penalties rooms and halls existing wall/ceiling surfaces unless by. All permit fees set forth in Section 2-5 of the code shall be in the of! Wiring or equipment we use to work with property owners to address a violation after... Business, fees of any city-owned facility or project HVAC equipment manufacturer and. Permit fee shall be applied system designs may be contacted at ( 402 ) 844-2000 or by email bduerst Beside the pipe shall be in the City the code official '' his/her designee shall clean! Hereby revised as follows: the following sections of the plumbing board or its designee Rafter sizes less. 106.5.2: insert the mechanical permit fees set forth in Section 6-16 are hereby revised as follows 1!